Cause Artist – 10 Women-Led Creative Agencies Improving the Planet

Learn how Better Together is at the forefront of transforming pressing environmental issues through innovative branding, messaging and design. Dedicated to amplifying the voices of the marginalized and driving social and environmental progress, the agency is committed to building a more just and sustainable world in collaboration with organizations. Read the full article here.

LinkedIn – Agency Leaders, Marketing Mavens, Content Experts, and Communications Strategists: 24 Inspiring Women to Follow and Connect With on LinkedIn

The article “Mavens, Content Experts, and Communications Strategists: 24 Inspiring Women to Follow and Connect With on LinkedIn” by Dreamers & Doers® highlights Founder and CEO Catharine Montgomery as an inspiring woman entrepreneur and leader who focuses on excelling in communication and influence and offering opportunities for networking and collaboration through LinkedIn. Read the full […]

Bold Journey – Meet Catharine Montgomery

Let’s discuss confidence and self-esteem when it comes to leading a social justice communications agency. Read what Catharine Montgomery has to share about her journey. Read the interview here.

Pumble – How to Network Effectively to Advance in Your Career (+ Tips) 

In the article, Catharine Montgomery emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity in networking. She argues that effective networking is rooted in authenticity and should focus on building meaningful relationships through genuine engagement and reciprocal value, as these are the foundations for long-term professional partnerships and collaborations. Read the full article here.

The Story Exchange – She Uses Storytelling to Amplify Marginalized Voices

The journey of Catharine Montgomery as the founder of Better Together is outlined in the article; she has built a marketing and PR agency that is deeply committed to social responsibility and uplifting marginalized communities. From a focus on data-driven problem-solving to the vital role of mentors, she shares insights on maintaining core values and […]