CEO Blog Nation — 30 Entrepreneurs Share How They Approach planning within Their Organization

Catharine Montgomery, featured on CEO Blog Nation, discusses the organizations and communities that support entrepreneurs’ businesses, highlighting Ladies Get Paid for networking and funding discovery, Chief for expanding perspectives on women’s achievements, and Superpath, a Slack community of content marketing professionals. These affiliations offer valuable networking, learning, and advancement resources for business growth. Read the […]

Marketer Interview — Catharine Montgomery on Crisis Communication & Social Responsibility

In an interview with Marketer Interview about crisis communication and social responsibility, Catharine Montgomery, the Founder and CEO of Better Together, discusses her journey as an entrepreneur and her agency’s mission. She highlights the importance of proactive crisis communication, transparency, and responsiveness in managing crises effectively. Catharine also shares insights on business development strategies, the […]

Flying Cat Marketing — 5 proven ways to use (and not use) AI for content production in B2B SaaS

AI’s growing prominence in content production necessitates thoughtful application. According to  Better Together Founder and CEO Catharine Montgomer, while AI can aid in generating content, solely relying on it risks generic, impersonal text lacking the engagement of human-crafted material. Over-reliance on AI risks producing plagiarized or uninspiring content, as AI is yet to replicate human […]

Homerun — Hiring your first employee: a playbook for small business owners

Catharine Montgomery, Founder and CEO of Better Together, offers crucial insights into hiring the first employee. She stresses the significance of evaluating not only competitive salaries but also benefits, taxes, and maintaining a stable revenue stream. Catharine emphasizes planning ahead to ensure financial stability before hiring, setting the foundation for success and growth. Her advice […]

NASDAQ – Better Together: How Catharine Montgomery Is Innovating Social Impact With Data-Driven Solutions

Catharine Montgomery is driving innovation in social impact through data-driven approaches, as highlighted in the featured article. By leveraging data analysis and technology, she aims to enhance collaboration and effectiveness within the social impact sector. Montgomery’s efforts demonstrate the power of merging data-driven strategies with social initiatives for more informed decision-making and positive outcomes. Read […]

Yahoo! Finance — I Quit My Job and Started a Business: Here’s How I Did It

The article features the experiences of three entrepreneurs, including Catharine Montgomery, the Founder and CEO of Better Together. After facing derogatory treatment in her previous job and negotiating a buyout agreement, Catharine launched her social impact-focused public relations agency. She emphasizes the importance of resilience, self-advocacy, networking, and embracing one’s passion and purpose when starting […]

Scintillate Consulting — Overcoming Public Relations Challenges for Brands with Catharine Montgomery

In this engaging episode of the “Scintillations” podcast, Catharine Montgomery, the founder of Better Together Agency and a seasoned PR expert, discusses effective strategies for brands to overcome public relations challenges. Using real-world examples like Southwest Airlines’ crisis response and Bud Light’s advertising situation, the conversation delves into the importance of understanding your audience, managing […]