Better Together’s mission is to create values-led communications that galvanize people and communities to create positive impact.

Connect with Catharine

Our Founder

With deep expertise in education, environmental and social justice issues, Catharine Montgomery founded Better Together after an extensive career working both in-house and at multiple communications agencies on numerous campaigns that have helped bring about social change.

Catharine’s commitment to supporting social justice efforts has provided her with the opportunity to position partners in effectively engaging with stakeholders while equitably and effectively equipping and serving the community to address the need for reform. Catharine’s able to integrate media outreach, stakeholder engagement, events, legislative affairs, and community involvement to support disproportionately impacted communities of color who are already stigmatized and under-resourced.

Throughout the path that has led Catharine to become the founder of Better Together, she has always displayed a careful approach to concise and effective messaging by clearly articulating the objectives, strategies and tactics that lead to successful communications campaigns.