For Better Together to consider a partnership, our partners must commit to a set of core values and issues that align with ours. Here are a few of our clients that are changing the world.

Our Advocacy Partners

Our Work in Action

Fighting for Free and Fair Elections in Georgia

Fair Fight Action, a voting rights nonprofit organization founded by Stacey Abrams, promotes free and fair elections through voter education and advocacy. Ahead of the 2022 consequential midterm elections, Fair Fight Action enlisted Better Together to embed in the organization to support media relations, rapid response, and digital strategy to uplift critical voter resources, address mis- and disinformation targeted toward historically marginalized communities and highlight historical litigation impacting voters nationwide. Recent clips in 19th News, USA Today, and on NPR’s Morning Edition bring the Georgia-based group’s mission to audiences locally and nationally.

Girl Rising: Advocating and Empowering Girls

Girl Rising, a 10×10 full-length feature film, is the centerpiece of a campaign that reveals the extraordinary stories of girls who are tackling the reality of socio-economic roadblocks and sometimes impossible odds on the road to education. Accompanied by social action campaign and many of their friends in the NGO community, we built an engagement campaign around the film that engages influencers, local communities, employees and Millennial college women. Key campaign elements included: a teaser film at the first UN International Day of the Girl, Sundance Film Festival viewing event, influencer events in NY, DC and SF, and toolkits for those wanting to host a viewing event.

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A brighter, more equitable future for every human being is possible. But it takes combining the right message with the right strategy to crystalize that vision, show what’s possible, and inspire audiences to take action toward collective change.

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